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Are Weak Hadith totally Wrong???


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Hadith Musnad Abi Yalah 2901



EVLIYA CELEBI AND HIS SEYAHATNAME Background  Evliya Celebi was born on 25 March 1611, equivalent to 10 Muharram at Unkapani, Istanbul. He was the son of goldsmith that served to Turkish Ottoman’s caliph. his father’S name was  Dervis Mehmed Zilli. Both of his parents were originated from Kutahnya.[1] Evliya’s father dedicated all of his life as an adroit goldsmith for Ottoman caliphate, and he did everything to provide his son with the best education since he was a kid. After ending his education in primary school, he furthered his education at Madrasah Hamid Efendi in Zeyrek. It was a school based on Islamic education and he studied there for seven years. Then, Evliya attended the public education such as open lectures at the mosques and also joined private or closed education with prominent figures such as Keci Mehmed Frendi, and got close to with a contemporary scholar during his time, Zekeriyazade,1644.[2] Evliya had a great desire to learn. He was not ashamed to pursue knowledge

Kanzul Muttalib fee Manaqib Ali Ibne Abi Talib Alahissalam

1. QUBOOL-E-ISLAM ME AWWAL AUR NAMAZ PADHNE ME AWWAL 1. "Ek Ansari Shakhs Abu Hamza se riwayat karte hain ke maine Hazrat Zaid bin Arqam RadiAllahu Anhu ko farmate hue suna ke sabse pehle Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu Imaan laaye." Is Hadees ko Imam Tirmizi ne riwayat kiya hai aur kaha hai ke ye Hadees Hasan Saheeh hai. 2. "Hazrat Zaid bin Arqam RadiAllahu Anhu se he marvi ek riwayat me ye alfaaz hain: "Huzoor Nabi-e-Akram SallAllahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam par sabse pehle Islam laane waale Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu hain." Is Hadees ki Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal ne riwayat kiya hai. 3. "Hazrat Anas bin Maalik RadiAllahu Anhu se riwayat hai ke Peer ke din Huzoor Nabi-e-Akram SallAllahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam ki Baysat hui aur Mangal ke din Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu ne Namaz padhi." Is Hadees ko Imam Tirmizi ne riwayat kiya hai. 4. "Hazrat Abdullah ibne Abbas RadiAllahu Anhuma se riwayat hai ke wo farmate hain sabse pehle Hazrat Ali RadiAl